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👑Kings Can Get It Too!!!!!

👑Kings Can Get It Too!!!!!

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Hello Kings!!!! Let me cater to you is the feeling you'll have when you light this candle. Grab the strawberries🍓 wine 🍾and whip cream!!! You won't be able to keep your hands off of him. 

Has notes of:

Gin, Red Currant, plum, black cherry
Balsam, Cypress, Cedar, Oak, amber, light musk

This candle is hand crafted, designed and poured in the USA.  This candle is 100% soy wax and has no harsh chemicals.                                                                              *********Color of candle may vary.**********

*This candle is not edible, can not be tasted, licked or consumed. If accidently consumed you are to contact emergency services.* 

Directions: Light candle and place in an area free from flammable objects. Do not use in an area with drafts, do not leave unattended, do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.