Berry Berry Cherry Combo 8 oz

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Anybody loves berries and cherries? Well this candle combo is just for you! This combo contains Cherry berry 🍒🍓 Strawberry 🍓 and Black Cherry 🍒 candles. Each candle is highly scented, hand crafted and will have you wanting to taste it..... BUT DON'T😋!!! All are safe to use on your skin. You may use as a massage oil or skin moisturizer. (ALLOW TO COOL BEFORE USE) 

100% soy wax and has no harsh chemicals.

*These candles are not edible, can not be tasted, licked or consumed. If accidently consumed you are to contact emergency services.* 

Directions: Light candle and place in an area free from flammable objects. Do not use in an area with drafts, do not leave unattended, do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time.