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Cotton Candy Candle

Love the way it smells, after this one burns all the way out I'm buying another one soon. Love, love, love it!

Angelica M.

Unicorn Body Butter

It is wonderful! The most amazing thing is how light the jar is! It is soooooo whipped that it weighs nothing!! When you put some on, you think it's going to be greasy but it's not! It soaks in wonderfully and the scent that it left behind is so nice!! Relaxing! You have got to try it!!

Krista M.

Amber Noir Whipped Bath and Body Soap

This product is luxurious from the scent to the performace! To start off, the scent is not overbearing but enough to make your shower/bath experience relaxing. The scent is warm and woodsy. After using it your skin feels clean, but not stripped of it's natural oils. You're left with a velvet feeling and smooth skin.

Isabelle C.

Blissful Sugar Scrub

Makes my skin feel super soft

Katie D.

Lemon Cookie Body Butter

This body butter is my favorite hand cream ever! It smells amazing and feels great. I live in Colorado and this product is one of the few things I have found that keeps my hands moisturized in the the dry climate. Highly recommended!

Margaret F.

Room/Linen Spray

Our room/linen sprays are designed with distinctive scents to create a lasting vibe!

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